Motion Design Workshop 02

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.29.27 PM

Exploded Axonometric

Concept Motion Graphics

Workflow – Rhino

download file

  1. In Rhino Build your model
  2. Separate parts into different layer
  3. Setup rendering resolution to 1920×1080
  4. Render the whole piece – save as png
  5. Render piece by piece – save as png

Workflow – After Effects

download pngs

  1. Inport each piece and put them into a new composition layer
  2. Keyframe the part where everything comes together
  3. Separate them into exploded view
  4. Change camera view if necessary
  5. Add leader texts
  6. Render

About yodesignlab

Yo Oshima lives, works, teaches, and plays in Los Angeles, CA USA. He is a project designer at Deegan Day Design LLC. Yo teaches digital d
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